hang growth chart in your kids room

When it comes to documenting your child’s growth, a growth chart is an excellent way to create lasting memories. But what if you’re hesitant about putting holes in your walls?

Don’t worry! In this article, we’ll show you 10 ways to hang a growth chart in your kid’s room without ruining the walls by using creative alternatives and innovative tools such as the stud finder for stucco walls.

  1. Choose the Right Location:
    Before starting, decide on the ideal spot for your growth chart. Consider a wall that is easily visible and accessible to both you and your child. Also, ensure that the area is well-lit for accurate measurements.
  2. Use Removable Options:
    If you’re renting or simply don’t want permanent fixtures, there are removable options available that won’t damage your walls. Consider using adhesive hooks or poster strips designed for hanging lightweight items.
  3. Measure with Precision:
    To ensure accurate height measurements, use a measuring tape or ruler specifically designed for wall-mounted growth charts. Align one end of the measuring tool at floor level and mark increments along the wall using a pencil or temporary adhesive tape.
  4. Try Over-the-Door Hangers:
    An alternative option is utilizing over-the-door hangers which can be easily adjusted as your child grows taller. These hangers can also be transferred between rooms without hassle.
  5. Utilize Command Strips:
    Command strips are an excellent solution when it comes to hanging objects without making holes in your walls. They come in various sizes, depending on the weight of the item being hung. Apply them directly to the back of your growth chart and adhere it firmly to the wall following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  6. Explore Velcro Applications:
    Consider using Velcro strips or dots as another removable mounting option for your growth chart. Attach one side of the Velcro to the growth chart and the other side to your wall. This method allows for easy adjustment and repositioning.
  7. Get Creative with Tension Rods:
    Tension rods are an innovative way to hang a growth chart without any drilling or adhesive. Use two tension rods at the top and bottom of the chart, firmly holding it in place. This option is not only versatile but allows for hassle-free removal whenever necessary.
  8. Utilize Stucco-Specific Tools:
    Stucco walls can be challenging when it comes to finding studs for more robust hanging solutions. Consider using a stud finder designed specifically for stucco walls to locate secure spots where you can safely drill or anchor hooks or brackets.
  9. Hang from Curtain Rods:
    If your kid’s room already has curtains with rods installed, why not utilize them as an alternative hanging option for your growth chart? Attach clips or rings along the curtain rod, allowing you to easily slide the growth chart up and down as needed.
  10. Explore Wall-friendly Adhesives:
    Look for adhesives specifically designed for textured walls like stucco. These adhesives provide strong support without damaging the surface when removed later on.

Final Words

Hanging a growth chart in your kid’s room doesn’t have to involve ruining your walls anymore! By exploring removable options, innovative tools such as stud finders for stucco walls, and creative hanging alternatives, you can document your child’s height milestones without permanent damage.

So go ahead and transform that blank wall into a personalized keepsake that will showcase their growth for years to come!

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