We might read somewhere on the internet claims that humidity can make you fat. However, it’s not a big deal! This situation could be easily dealt with by using the top-rated whole house dehumidifiers. While humidity could affect negatively to your weight loss process, water is more than important to your health and can help promote your weight loss.

For dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad, associate professor of medicine at the University of California at Los Angeles, the skin is the microcosm of the whole body and reflects what is happening inside our body. As he says, the key to be and look healthy is to maintain healthy body cells – and one of the signs of health is how well the body cells keep the water inside them. If we can repair the membranes of cells by attracting water and nutrients inside them then we can fight aging and many diseases. This theory is described in detail in Dr. Murad’s book “The Water Secret”.

Our Lifestyle Can Make the Difference

Most people accept the signs of aging (such as weight gain, fatigue and degeneration of health) as inevitable. According to Dr. Murad, up to 80% of longevity is due to our lifestyle and not to our genes. What does this mean in practice? Whatever our lifestyle we can help our body to heal the damage and get renewed so that we not only look younger but also be healthier and refreshed.

According to Dr. Murad, despite what most people believe, the human body is not composed of 75% – 80% water – this is only true when we are born. Over time it decreases and reaches 50%. This decrease explains the signs of aging that usually begin to appear at the age of 30 and as a result, the skin becomes drier, digestion slows, and our energy decreases. According to Dr. Murad, water in the human body is in intracellular space (i.e. water within the cells) and the extracellular space (i.e. water between cells). The intracellular water helps maintain cellular function and therefore promotes health and beauty, while the extracellular causes aging and make us put on weight and become lazy. The” bags “under the eyes, the swollen ankles and the bloated stomach are signs that the body does not properly handle the water. This malfunction may occur anywhere on the body – the blood vessels, the heart, the skin or the liver.

“Eat … water” But why, Dr. Murad declares that water from fruits and vegetables is more valuable than plain water? Because the water from fruits and vegetables is surrounded by molecules that facilitate its entry into the interior of cells. Fruits and vegetables contain plenty of antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals produced by the body as by-products of metabolism and cause damage to our cells. The plant-based foods also contain minerals and vitamins that the body uses to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Nutrition for Hydration

So Dr. Murad recommends eating foods rich in water so that we supply our body with about 2.5 liters of water required to maintain a constant stock of water (such amount we lose daily with our bodily functions). The truth is that almost all foods contain some water, but those of plant origin have more while simultaneously enriching it with a variety of nutrients. For best results, you should eat vegetables and fruits raw because during cooking a large amount of water is lost (hence the cooked vegetables are lighter than raw).

Fruits and Vegetables Vs Salt

However, how much should you eat? Dr. Murad recommends two salads and three fruits a day, and legumes 2-3 times a week. At the same time, you should reduce salt consumption. The cells need 23 grams of water to neutralize each additional gram of salt we eat – so the result is fluid retention when we eat too much salt.

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