The Best Ways to Prevent Childhood Obesity: Keep Your Child Healthy Every Day

For some experts, obesity is no longer a lifestyle-influenced condition; it is a disease. And what’s alarming is that in the United States, about one third of the younger population (kids and adolescents) suffer from it. There have been many precursors to this caloric imbalance, from congenital disease, to hormonal abnormalities, and the lack of proper diet and exercise. But in spite of this, the immediate and long-term health effects for all three remain the same. Children who are overweight or obese tend to be at risk for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, bone/joint problems as well as cancer. Moreover, females are especially prone to developing reproductive problems, which in the long run become irreversible.

Given these facts, a lot of health and education related institutions and organizations have mobilized programs so to teach and encourage the ways to prevent childhood obesity. Much of these campaigns had been directed towards parents who are often in charge of their kid’s diet and activities. Schools have also been petitioned to become more contributive to the effort on how to stop childhood obesity. This way, kids are less prone to binge eating and pursuing unhealthy activities when they are away from home.

A lot of the children today eat junk food because it is what’s made available to them on a daily basis. And by virtue of repeated orientation, its taste ultimately becomes the standard of delicious to them. This is further aggravated by mass media portraying vegan dishes to be bland and unappetizing. As a result, many of them shun the thought of including such fares in their diet, even if it meant preserving their health. If only authority figures would correct this and introduce the option in a more positive way, there would be a greater chance that kids would entertain healthy food. Parents could take the lead and be an example. And they could start their kids young with vegetable patties and chicken salad sandwiches so they would not feel so drawn to hamburgers and pizza slices later in their lives.

In addition, it would also be a good idea for families to adapt a certain sport or active pastime as a unit so that they could incorporate the idea of exercise to their kid’s routine without making it seem like a chore. Thirty minutes of playing tag or catch each day should be enough to keep their metabolism up and their appetites at the right level. It wouldn’t be so bad as well to enroll them in a little league team either so they’d have other physical challenges to turn their attention to and work on how to stop childhood obesity by their selves.

A third intervention would be to schedule if not totally discourage having kids eat junk food on a daily basis. As people in power positions, parents can withhold chips and soda from their kids as much as possible so they do not get used to it. Sure, they may retaliate and still sneak a meal or two when no one is looking. But opposing the habit would certainly minimize the amount they get to consume and keep them from gaining weight uncontrollably. It may not be one of the conventional ways to prevent childhood obesity. But as with addiction, withholding has been proven effective in putting a stop to unwanted behavior.


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